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wtfitsjared:konfusionwithak:stfuconservatives:lgbtlaughs:The teeny-peened idiots from gay republican outfit GOProud are having  their annual sad convention and not only have they invited homophobic  bitch/notorious fag hag Ann Coulter to speak, they’re also calling her “The Right Wing Judy Garland.” (via)…what? This is why the majority of gay republicans creep me out. They’re pretty much self hating and are content with half-rights, and the rest of the right/conservatives can use them in the political version of “I’m not a homophobe! I have a gay friend!”Ann Coulter is the devil incarnate.Ann Coulter is a secret deep-cover liberal.  She
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werther:Sarah Moon - A bouche perdue, 2000 - from Coïncidences. thousandflowerettes:liquidnight:Sarah Moon - A bouche perdue, 2000 - from Coïncidences.